Are VostokMod.com officially affiliated to any of the original watch brands offered via the website?

NO.  We are an independent brand offering customizations in a non-official capacity to existing watch brands official watches.

Do all of the customized watches sold via VostokMod.com use unworn original manufacturer watches as a base model?

YES.  We use unworn watches for modifications.

Can I provide my own watch to be customised?


Will the modifications invalidate the official brand manufacturers’ guarantee?

YES.  We would expect so. Therefore all brand manufacturers warranties are automatically transferred to us. We provide an international guarantee for 6 months.

Will the original box & guarantee card be provided with my customized watch?

YES.  The original inner/outer boxes as well as the original manufacturers guarantee card will be provided with your watch.

Are the modifications reversible?

The majority of watches can be restored to their original configuration. Our Customers receive a full set of original parts.

Responsibility for shipping

We are not responsible for delays in shipment in the country of destination, delays related to customs clearance, the disappearance of letters in the countries of destination, the destruction of letters by postal workers. In the case of problems with the delivery of our products, we try to solve them in accordance with the expectations of our Customers.


If you have any problems with our products, please contact us by email: sales@vostokmod.com. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we always make every effort to resolve all doubts and provide full assistance.

We wish you much joy in using our products!